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A mobile "graffiti wall" Unleash children's creativity

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Update time : 2024-05-08

A mobile "graffiti wall" Unleash children's creativity

Children like to doodle and draw freely everywhere, scribbling on the walls and floors of their homes. This allows them to fully unleash their artistic talents and 

also helps them not to be addicted to electronic devices such as mobile phones and televisions.

Prepare blank drawing rolls for children Saving White Walls and Protecting Floors Children draw freely to stimulate creativity

Thick paper, impenetrable and unbreakable, allowing you to draw freely,Multiple painting methods

Record her wild and imaginative child's painting cultivation.

If you are looking for children's painting rolls, please find the professional printing factory of Shenzhen Juxin Printing Co., Ltd

Thick paper with delicate texture,Paper is smooth and not easily deformed,Doodle casually without breaking the paper

Multiple painting methods,Draw whatever you want and unleash your baby's artistic talent to the fullest.

Sticking to the wall and drawing while standing is easy and fun,Stick it on the table to draw, no longer afraid of paper moving around

Painting on the floor, doubling happiness with friends.

Baby addicted to electronic products? One move to get it done,Release the pressure of parents taking care of their children

Increase fun and exercise comprehensive abilities.

Ring protective eye paper

Long term drawing is important for protecting vision,Yellow color can alleviate visual fatigue

It's not just about coloring, it contains a variety of fun games, puzzle and fun

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A mobile "graffiti wall"  Unleash children's creativity A mobile "graffiti wall" Unleash children's creativity
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