Children's Fun Picture Scroll

Children's enlightenment graffiti roll paper

3-8 years old is the sensitive period for children to graffiti, inspiring creative imagination through painting!
specifications: 10M / 15M / 30M
material quality: Please consult customer service
Printing Color: 300mm
shape: Volume
Product category: sketching / drawing / children
Address: drawing paper
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Product Details

Source factory quality trust

Real manufacturer supply, lower prices, refusing to make huge profits

Enlightenment in painting, rich patterns, color matching, and creative ability

Protect the wall and graffiti casually,3-meter large colored painting, allowing babies to create to their heart's content

Dashed markings, flexible tearing, and the ability to cut, making it easy to use and cut as much as needed

Rich styles:meticulously designed with multiple themes to choose from, rejecting perfunctory and repetitive layering

Everything can be painted:crayons, silky crayons, watercolors, colored pencils, all kinds of painting materials can be painted

Graffiti Scroll-A Edition:Wildlife+Dinosaurs+Pets+Food+Astronauts+Transportation

Painting patterns:joyful daily life, animal world, transportation, underwater animals

Tooth line design, easy to segment graffiti

Flexible double-sided adhesive paper, evenly colored and non permeable acrylic pigment, watercolor pigment, and marker can be used

Seize the sensitive period of young children's painting and guide their cognitive enlightenment

Handicraft and painting are both okay

Apply, draw, cut, and paste to exercise baby's hand eye coordination ability

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