Blank painting long roll paper

Product features:

1. High quality wood pulp double adhesive paper;

2. The paper is thick, white and smooth, and the writing is smooth;

3. Neat cut, self winding, without creases;

4. Suitable for drawing tools such as pencils, crayons, watercolors, gouache pigments, etc;

5. Matched drawing board and easel, free cutting.

The Gold Standard In Children'S Games: 

White Drawing Paper for Kids, Bulletin Board Paper, Without Glue, Blank Coloring Roll for Paints, Wall Art and Gift Wrap

High-Quality, High-Design:The paper roll is clean and tidy, using high-quality raw materials,being bright white, sufficiently thick and durable, and accepts color well.

Encourage Creative Expression: Coloring roll paper,this is perfect for children’s artwork, graffiti, writing numbers and letters, etc.Coloring roll easel helps children explore their expression of creativity.